CEREC® Same-day Crowns – Englewood, CO

Repair Teeth in Record Time

When you’ve got a tooth that’s damaged or weakened, a custom-made dental crown can bring its full potential back. Unfortunately, this process requires at least two appointments, which can be a struggle for patients with busy schedules. At City Center Dental Group, we’ve invested in CEREC, a modern technology that shortens this process down to one easy appointment while maintaining the high level of quality patients deserve.

Dr. Pearson and Dr. Reed have undergone extensive CEREC training and will ensure that your new dental crown exceeds expectations. Contact us today in Englewood, CO to schedule the first visit with our capable team.

How Does CEREC Work?

After the tooth is prepared, our advanced intraoral camera will capture digital images and impressions. Based on this information, the CEREC software will create a three-dimensional model of the tooth, allowing our team to design the ideal dental crown. Once we’re satisfied with the design, the information is submitted to an in-office milling machine that constructs the crown from high-grade ceramic. Finally, the crown is polished and receives any finishing touches before being cemented in place over the tooth.

With CEREC, patients don’t have to worry about “goopy” impressions materials, uncomfortable temporary restorations, or tedious waiting. Their new dental crown will be perfectly shaded, sized, and customized for their smile, providing optimal durability and function.

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