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Regular preventive dental checkups and cleanings are proven ways to avoid tooth decay and gum disease. When dental issues do occur, early detection is essential for an optimal outcome. Patients who wait too long between regular dental visits often need invasive treatments like crowns or dental implants to restore damaged teeth. Unfortunately, the primary reason important dental checkups are put off is due to the cost of care. 

Cost should never be a factor that delays quality dental care. That’s why Dr. Khorshidian, Dr. Pearson and Dr. Reed from City Center Dental Group are proud to announce their in-house Complete Care Plan that makes dental care affordable and accessible to Englewood area residents. 

Designed for those without dental insurance, the Complete Care Plan focuses on preventative maintenance to reduce the need for intensive treatment. After signing up for the plan, patients receive annual dental care for a low monthly fee. Membership advantages include routine dental exams, cleanings, and fluoride treatment to keep teeth healthy. X-rays are taken during these visits as needed. If further treatment is required, patients receive a 15 percent discount for those services.

The Complete Care Plan offers three levels of coverage to accommodate a wide range of dental care needs. And unlike some forms of dental insurance, there is no waiting period, no deductible, and no annual maximum coverage. Because of the importance of regular dental care in childhood, lower rates are offered for children 15 and under.

Current plan members say they feel relieved knowing they have the ability to seek treatment when a dental issue arises. There’s no waiting in pain because they can’t afford to have a cavity filled or a crown replaced. In addition to that valuable peace of mind, members enjoy perks like same- or next-day priority appointments, occasional giveaways, and other fun member events.

At City Center Dental Group, we know that dental health influences overall wellness. That’s why our dentists and hygienists go the extra mile for our Englewood patients. Now, with our affordable in-house Complete Care Plan, anyone can benefit from that outstanding level of care by going online or calling our office to sign up. It’s a fast, simple way to ensure quality dental care for you and your family.

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