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Individuals with missing, broken, or decayed teeth understand how devastating dental problems can be to self-esteem. Fortunately, a solution to restore damaged or missing teeth, as well as fractured self-esteem, is available to residents in and around Englewood, Colorado.

The qualified, caring dentists at City Center Dental Group of Englewood are ready to show you how dental implants can give you the beautiful smile that you’ll be confident to show the world.

The dental implant process requires a few visits to evaluate, prepare, and fit patients with dental implants so that they are able to eat, drink, and speak with confidence knowing that their dental implants are securely and permanently fixed in their mouths.

At City Center Dental Group of Englewood, single, multiple-tooth, and full mouth implants are available. The dentists will recommend the type of implant needed to be based on each patient’s unique situation.

For a single decayed or damaged tooth, single-tooth implants are the best option. When several teeth near each other need to be replaced, or for patients who previously had a dental bridge, multiple-tooth implants are the answer. Full mouth implants are ideal for patients who are frustrated with the limitation of dentures and who want the freedom and flexibility that permanently fixed dental implants provide.

Step one in the dental implant process is to schedule a visit with one of the qualified dentists at City Center Dental Group of Englewood. During the initial visit, Dr. Thomas Reed, Dr. Justin Pearson, or Dr. Sahel Khorshidian carefully examine the patient’s mouth. X-rays are taken to help the dentist get a comprehensive view of the patient’s oral structure so that they can determine if the patient is a good candidate for dental implants. If the decision is made to move forward with dental implants, impressions of the patient’s mouth are made during the initial visit as well. The impressions are sent to an outside lab so that customized crowns can be created. These will match the patient’s existing teeth and fit perfectly in the patient’s mouth over the implant posts.

Ideal candidates for dental implants have healthy gums and jawbones. In cases of severe dental decay, a bone graft or other treatment may be necessary before a dental implant can be placed. The dentists at City Center Dental Group of Engelwood are highly skilled and can advise patients on what they need to do before receiving a dental implant.

They understand that involved procedures like getting dental implants can cause anxiety. That’s understandable, and it is why patient comfort is always a top priority. Before the procedure, the process is thoroughly explained and every question is answered. To ensure patient comfort during the implant procedure, local or general anesthesia is used. Once the area where the implant will be placed is numb, the dentist places a small titanium post into the jawbone. As the area heals, the bone grows around the post, permanently fusing it into the jaw. Multiple-tooth and full-mouth implants require several posts to be placed. Once the posts are installed, temporary crowns are placed on the teeth so that the patient is able to eat during the healing time while they wait for their permanent crowns to be made.

After the mouth heals, patients return to the office for an evaluation of the posts and gums to be sure they are healing well. The permanent crowns will be placed on the posts at that time, and the dental implant procedure is complete. With proper care, patients’ beautiful, permanent smile will look and functions just like natural teeth for as long as 20 years.

Most dental insurance plans cover dental implants. Talk with the friendly staff at City Center Dental Group of Engelwood today for more information and to schedule a dental implant consultation.

Dr. Thomas Reed, Dr. Sahel Khorshidian and Dr. Justin Pearson make up the team of dentists at City Center Dental Group of Englewood. Each takes pride in making each patient’s smile the best it can be and they love the new confidence that proper dental care can provide. Working together, the dentists provide outstanding dental care to the residents of Englewood, Colorado.

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