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sedation dentist in englewood co

Are you one of the many people who feel anxious or just plain scared to visit the dentist? If so, you’re in the right place. City Center Dental Group of Englewood offers 5-star rated sedation dentistry care in Englewood, CO.

With sedation dentistry, you can feel comfortable while you’re in the dental chair so that you can get the proper oral treatment performed that you need. There are a few different methods for sedation at the dental office and a few other benefits aside from a decrease in your anxiety levels.

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A benefit of sedation dentistry in Englewood or anywhere else for that matter is that it’s available for all ages and for all types of services that are offered in the office ranging from a typical cleaning to a root canal or a crown. The severity of the fear that you have about being in the office will often be a determining factor as to how much of the medication is used as you don’t want to have to rely on too much at one time for a simple procedure. Once you’re able to see that dental work isn’t as intimidating as you once thought, you can sometimes use less sedation at other visits until you’re able to sit in the chair without any kind of medication at all aside from what’s needed for the procedure.

Although you might think that being sedated means that you’re asleep, it usually means that you’re simply relaxed. You’re aware of what’s taking place around you so that you can move your head in the direction needed for the dentist to perform his work, but you are relaxed enough to the point where you won’t remember much of what takes place. You will likely be able to talk but could mumble or slur your words. You can sometimes ask questions or make full sentences, which is beneficial if you do experience any kind of pain. However, you likely won’t remember anything that you say. If you are having extensive dental work done at one time, then your dentist might opt for intravenous sedation or even general anesthesia so that the work can get done in a short time.

A common type of sedation is nitrous oxide. This is also known as laughing gas. A mask is placed over your nose, allowing you to breathe in the gas throughout the procedure. The dentist will be able to control the amount of gas that you receive, and the effects will usually wear off soon after the mask is removed. You might receive a small amount of oxygen to help you come around after receiving the sedative. Oral sedation is an option as well. You’ll take a pill the night before to help you sleep and another on the day of your appointment so that you’re relaxed. Intravenous sedation is ideal for situations that require sedatives to be delivered to your body in a short time.

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