Touring Devils Head Distillery

There is something brewing near Devil’s Head Mountain in Englewood, Colorado. Actually, there is a brewery named after the famed mountain. Devil’s Head Distillery is situated among mountains, fresh air, and for — the inspiration elements for a craft distillery.

Devil’s Head Distillery produces small batches of specialized Gin, Vodka, and Aquavit. What makes them special? The vapor-distilled grain mash is infused with floral notes, traditional juniper traces, hints of caraway and anise, and other hand-crushed botanicals. The results are high-quality, smooth spirits that are perfect in cocktails or straight up. There are also seasonal batches that will delight visitors and retailers – but only for a short time.

Come into the tasting room where the spirits are mixed by professional mixologists. Here, everything is fresh, local, and definitely tasty, with none of the additives or unknown ingredients found in some products. On any given day, guests may be able to sample cocktails concocted with gin infused with spicy pepper, strawberry, vanilla lavender, and other aromatic ingredients. Drinks like The Bell Ringer, Tolstoy 101, and Monkey Wrench, are sure to tantalize your taste-buds and warm your belly. The inventive flavors and combinations, along with the laid-back atmosphere, make this a perfect place to relax with friends. Live bands come in on the weekends to kick-up the atmosphere of this local hangout favorite. On Thursdays, after a Bloody Mary or two, you may want to join in on the open mic sessions. The distillery is located right next to the Belleview Park.

Many people visit the tasting room repeatedly, just to sample new flavors and enjoy favorites with different infusions. Of course, if friends show up from out-of-town, hosts have to show-off their local distillery like a favored child. Regulars and the mixologists can suggest drinks like Inferno, guaranteed to light-up a friend, or something smooth and sweet like a cranberry martini.

Hours for the tasting room are:
Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday 4pm-11pm
Saturday 2pm-11pm

Devil’s Head Distillery is not only devoted to customers, but also to the local area. Neighbors produce items like Bloody Mary Mix with only fresh ingredients and local spin. Devil’s Head Distillery purchases these items to use in their cocktails — helping the local economy and staying true to their passion. The owners are often on-site, sampling new products, mingling with guests, and assuring that the ingredients are top quality.

If you are visiting in or near Englewood, don’t miss the chance to wander into this distillery. Chances are good that you will chat with the owners. See the love and passion that goes into making the smooth gin, vodka, and lesser-known aquavit, in the small batches. The distillery has the distinguished awards of Berlin International Spirits Competition ‘Aquavit Distillery of the Year’, ‘Colorado Distillery of the Year’, and ‘Gold Winner’ for their Oak Barrel Reserve Aquavit.

If you are not near the tasting room or do not have time to stop in, the distillery spirits can be found in nearby retailers like Liquor Barn and Sobo Liquors. It can also be purchased in restaurants, bars and coffee shops including Herb’s Bar, The Englewood Tavern, and Crowfoot Valley Coffee. Of course, you can also purchase bottles to take home and enjoy later. The team from City Center Dental Group loves to grab refreshments at the distillery.

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