Visiting Belleview Park

If you currently reside in the Englewood, Colorado area or are considering visiting the Denver metropolitan area, then be sure to swing by Belleview Park. Belleview Park is one of the top tourist attractions in the region and offers families a wide array of fun-filled and exciting features and activities. Some of the central attractions within the park include the Englewood miniature train, Englewood Children’s Farm, and Pirates Cove Aquatics Center. The park literally offers something for everyone, regardless of age.

Englewood Children’s Miniature Train Ride

Meticulously managed and maintained as a staple attraction within Belleview Park for over 30 years, the Englewood Children’s miniature train is not to be missed. The train is host to well over 60,000 tourists every year, offering an exhilarating trip for infants, toddlers, and even younger teenagers. The train loops around its track during the summer season starting on Memorial Day weekend and ending on Labor Day. The train is available to guests as a first come first serve attraction, with no reservations necessary. The City Center Dental Group chooses the Belleview Park Train to take their kids

Englewood Children’s Farm

Suitable for children two years and older, this wonderful and clean farm gives children of all ages the chance to observe and interact with local farm animals. The farm is host to cuddly pigs, friendly goats, numerous free-range chickens, and fuzzy sheep. One of the farm’s most renowned and iconic features is a life-size milking cow known as Buttercup. This cow is created out of fiberglass and offers visitors the chance to take scenic photos next to it as a future reminder of the fun-filled day spent at the farm.

Children planning to visit the farm must be accompanied by an adult for the entire duration of their stay. While all of the animals within the farm are child-safe, children are not allowed to approach them without the presence of an adult. Staff members trained in handling the animals are also present within the farm. These friendly staff members can assist parents and children while interacting with the animals, as well as answering any questions that the curious kids might have about the cuddly creatures. While reservations are not necessary when visiting the farm in small groups, they are required for groups larger than 10 individuals.

Pirates Cove Water Park

The Pirates Cove Water Park is another awesome attraction in the Belleview park. The water park offers a whole day’s worth of fun, or even a full weekend if you’re addicted to water. Some of the cool water features include a leisure pool known as Lagoon, a giant water shower known as the Dump Bucket, a winding river known as Lazy River, numerous water slides, a competitive pool known as the Bay, a sandy beach area, and a water spray center known as the Spray Garden. The water park is notoriously safe and clean. Lifeguard attendants are located at each pool station. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times while they are in the park. If art is more your thing, check out the Museum of Outdoor Arts, nearby.

Additional Amenities

In addition to the core park attractions, the park is also home to a large variety of other fun amenities that include tennis courts, softball fields, a natural flowing creek, picnic areas, and a giant and modern playground. As you stroll through each of these areas you will be astonished at how clean and well maintained the park’s amenities are, something Belleview is known for. Belleview is also home to a skate park that features modern obstacles and track areas where rollerbladers, bicyclists, and skateboarders can let loose. If you plan to visit the skate park then be sure to wear a helmet, as they are required to be worn at all times.

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